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Qualified advice and personal service | One digital highway to all your infrequent suppliers

Our operational service Logitall xTail reduces unnecessary administration and enables direct savings for our customers. With long experience of operational purchasing, qualified advice and personal service, we can support all customers and simplify the process.

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Qualified advice and personal service

xTail is an operational procurement service that frees your organization from administration and errors when dealing with non-strategic supplier.

We help you “cut the supplier tail” by offering one single interface to thousands of suppliers. xTail also transforms invoices into correctly marked e-invoices in the format required by your systems. The basic version of this service is sometimes referred to as aggregator or invoice aggregator.

How to implement in the business?

It is very simple, add Logitall as a supplier and start sending purchase orders to Logitall. Logitall will then send a purchase order in its name to the supplier. We support purchase orders by email, EDI or through punch-out / round-trip. This means you can aggregate all one-time vendor purchases to one service provider and benefit from reduced administration. Before sending an electronic invoice Logitall will match incoming invoices and correct them if needed.

If our service xTail is combined with our Purchasing Guide, read more about it here, it will be even more easy to comply with the purchasing policy.

Business benefits

  • One interface covering thousands of small suppliers
  • Immediate impact rather than long-term “supplier mentoring”
  • Proper labelling and approval process even for “wild” purchases
  • Properly labelled e-invoices in a category where it was previously impossible
  • Matchning av inkommande leverantörsfaktura och vid behov rättning
  • Drastically reduced supplier administration
  • Less invoice administration

Add-on services

  • Supplier analysis.
    Help find a suitable supplier and negotiate a price
  • Clean-up/management of supplier portfolio.
    How can the number of suppliers be reduced? Who should you invest in?
  • Initial supplier check.
    Overall control of suppliers and their suitability.

Want to save time and money?

Cut the supplier's tail - reduce the number of suppliers and eliminate one-time purchases. Contact us and we will tell you more.

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