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Logitall youPortal is a cloud-based Procure-to-Pay system, which is the successful result of 15 years of collaboration with Scandinavia's most efficient purchasing organizations.

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Adapted to your organization

Logitall youPortal is a cloud service for your operational purchases. The service creates simplicity, order and efficiency and fits all your purchasing categories.

The service is suitable for all of your purchasing categories and can be integrated with suppliers and business and accounting systems. The service can be adapted entirely to your purchasing processes and your organization.

Logitall youPortal is a cloud based service that makes your purchasing process simple, orderly and efficient. The service is suitable for all purchasing categories and can be integrated with your suppliers and accounting systems.

One of the primary business advantages of Logitall youPortal is that it has already been adapted to the most complex purchasing categories, such as IT products and services.

How does it look to end users?

You reach youPortal through a standard web browser, for example via a link on your Intranet. Via Single Sign On the user is automatically recognized and logged-in. Depending on the level of authorization, the user will have access to a range of goods, services and customized packages.

Under the hood

Logitall youPortal is based on our cloud-based purchasing system orderHub. The portal is ready to be connected to other internal and external systems. For example, financial information such as authorization structures and cost centres, are retrieved directly from your accounting system. If the recipient of an order is an internal or external case management system, Logitall youPortal will send a complete case directly there. Logitall youPortal also submits information to the e-invoicing system, which enables matching of orders against invoices.

Supplier integration

Logitall youPortal is integrated with suppliers in three ways. The most basic method is catalogue integration, which means that the supplier catalogue - products, prices, inventory levels, etc. - is automatically imported into the purchasing portal.

The second way is called order integration, which means that the order is automatically placed in the supplier’s system. You can of course run both of these integrations simultaneously. The third way is Roundtrip. This means that the user is linked to the supplier’s web shop.

Goods are added to the shopping cart which then follows along back to youPortal. Roundtrip can be a good option if the need to control the range is low.

Features in the purchasing system

We have lots of functions in our purchasing system and at Logitall we think big, is there a function missing that you want? Then we adapt it to you.

All suppliers in one place

By gathering all suppliers in one place, it becomes easy to find the right one before ordering. A functional catalog simplifies finding what to order. Pictures and detailed descriptions make the system look better and provide more information about the articles.

Approval before ordering

Order and order by approving the order before it is sent to the supplier stops unnecessary purchases and saves money. Allow all employees who need to get their own login to place their orders, but stay in control!

Packages and forms

By grouping several goods and services in one package, more complex needs can be ordered without a lot of prior knowledge. Form facilitates when more comprehensive information is required to make a correct order.

Mobile adapted

Use the same login from all devices - computer, tablet or mobile. The system adapts to each unit.

Personal favorites

Users can easily create their own favorites for products and services that are ordered frequently. If you want to control centrally, you can mark products and services as recommended.

Spend analysis

By gathering all purchases in one place, it becomes easy to compile information about what was ordered, by whom and on which agreements. It provides the best conditions for future procurements or renegotiation of an agreement. And not least input to the upcoming budget process.

Service orders

By gathering all suppliers in one place, it becomes easy to find the right one before ordering.

Tech Support

In a perfect world you would never need any help, but sometimes unexpected things happen that make it necessary to troubleshoot, reconfigure, we are here for you

Functional approval

Provides the opportunity for an approval of the category manager in addition to the cost center manager for ordering go to the supplier. Better control in certain product categories avoids unnecessary purchases.

Recommended by purchase

Purchasing can easily point out goods and services that are especially recommended so that customers choose the right one.

Internal orders

Orders for purchasing and procurement, IT, property maintenance, HR.

Historical purchases

Customers can easily order goods and services that were previously ordered by accessing them in their own folder in the catalog.

Extensive support for information

About articles, such as eco-labeling, contract product, several pictures

Real-time updated stock balance

Better information through support for real-time updated stock balances and prices.

Price comparison

Corporate pricerunner, if the same item is available from several suppliers

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