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Logitall develops innovative purchasing services. Our cloud service Logitall youPortal gives the customer order, control and efficiency in their purchasing processes. Our operational service Logitall xTail reduces unnecessary administration and enables direct savings for the customer.

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A purchasing system that simplifies purchasing

It should be easy to do the right thing!
A purchasing system that simplifies purchasing

It is easy to say, but harder to achieve in practice.

If an investment in a purchasing system or purchasing portal is to be profitable, it must have its objectives achieved and attain acceptance from the organization. To do this, the solution must meet modern expectations. Today we are experienced users of online retail as private individuals, and we expect new working systems to be equally efficient, which is not always the case.

Logitall has the solution! We provide an internal web shop filled with offers from contracted vendors’ which meet the high demands. With a flexible approach, that wastes no time to achieve the desired goals, all projects will find success.

Buy a cake pay for 5...

Did you know that a purchase of 300 SEK can result in administrative costs of up 1500 SEK for your company? Each invoice your company receives from a new supplier contains multiple hidden costs. Luckily, there is a way to avoid this!

Gaining a new supplier generates high administrative costs. These issues occur when there are a small number of low value purchases which results in administrative costs becoming too large in relation to the value of the deal. This costly issue can be avoided with a frequent supplier!

Vet du om att ett inköp på 300 kronor kan skapa administrativa kostnader på 1500 kronor för ditt företag?

From problem to solution

Logitall xTail reduces administrative costs for the supplier tail. What is the size of your supplier's tail? How many invoices and how much revenue do they create each year? Add your numbers below to see how much money you could save (estimates are fine).

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Your savings

How can there be such large savings?

The unnecessary costs consist primarily of:
  • 1) Supplier Management
  • 2) Invoice Management

Supplier Management

These costs occur when the supplier needs to be evaluated and approved, the information is compiled and the supplier is added in various different systems. If purchases are made by credit cards these costs do not occur, however, a range of other problems needs to be addressed.

Invoice Management

This consists of all manual processes which occur when an invoice is approved and administrated. Overall, expenses are too high in relation to strategic value of the product.

How does Logitall xTail work?

Logitall xTail is a broker service which allows Logitall become your digital highway for thousands of small suppliers. Your order goes via Logitall xTail which means that you can replace thousands of providers in your system with a single one. You get a uniform interface to place orders in, and we take care of order confirmations, delivery monitoring and management of incorrect or incomplete invoices. We pay the provider and send a correctly labeled e-invoice to you.

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